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 At points in your life you look back at unremarkable moments, everyday forgettable events, that for some reason stick with you. They may change your view and for some reason the path of your life. One such moment for me was when a friend's mother took my friend, brother and me with her to run errands in her VW Rabbit. I don't recall what else we did that summer day, but we ended up at Zayres. Probably to keep us line she bought a three pack of Marvel comics and we each got one. I got Fantastic Four #267 and it changed my life.

Fantastic Four #267 June 1984

Fantastic Four #267 is not a landmark issue, Sure it has a dynamic cover by John Byrne (still a favorite artist of mine) and features the first family of Marvel comics, but that is not why it is so important for me. It was not my first comic and did not feature any characters I did not already know from other media. This comic was a cross over with Doctor Octopus, the noted spider-man villain and the Fantastic Four. Wait what? These characters exist in the same world? It blew my young  10 year-old mind and started me down the road of seriously collecting comics, drawing, creating stories then making my own comics.

Through high school and college and beyond I was always an art nerd, but I hid how much of a comic book nerd I was. Instead I thought art had to be serious. As I got older my family and school didn't consider a comic artist a serious career pursuit, so I doubled down and took art even more serious. It couldn't be too fun or too silly or be just about telling entertaining stories it had to be serious. It took me a long time to make my way back to just creating fun stories, silly animals, awkward robots and yes, even super heroes. To realize nobody has to give you permission to do the stuff you love just do what makes you happy. I hope it makes you happy too.
                                                                                                                                                                 -Kyle La Fever
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