About the Artist

Kyle La Fever has always been recognized as the individual with a sketchbook in hand, constantly engaged in doodles, driven by a profound affection for cartoons and comic books. In the earlier years, creating art was a distant aspiration rather than a viable career option. Consequently, Kyle pursued formal art education in college, focusing on life drawing, oil painting, and sculpture, all in pursuit of discovering his artistic calling.

Over the years, Kyle supported a growing family through endeavors in graphic design, illustration, and 3D commercial design. Art served as a means to an end. However, as his children matured and responsibilities evolved, Kyle recognized that the time had come to rekindle his passion. Realizing that all it took was to have a vision and he could transform it into reality.

Thus began the exploration of childhood memories, a return to beloved characters, and a fundamental question: "How might these icons be reimagined through Kyle's unique artistic perspective?" This online shop stands as a testament to the nostalgia of youth, filtered through the distinct and humorous lens of an adult artist. It represents an exploration of Kyle's ability to push the boundaries of these cherished characters while preserving their essence.

Within this shop, patrons will discover high-quality products that embody not only Kyle's commitment to the craft but also offer the best means to engage with his work. Every creation is a labor of affection, carefully fashioned to provide a glimpse into Kyle's creative journey.

Kyle extends gratitude to all those who embark on this artistic voyage. The support received enables the continuous pursuit of passion and the opportunity to share it with the world. Together, Kyle and his supporters can rekindle the enchantment of art and the delight of imagination.

Art Prints of high quality photo paper to bring out the color and painting texture in my work.

Jigsaw Puzzles are a perfect gift, Kyle loves the idea of one of my takes on these characters in a puzzle form, these twisted creations in a playful toy of a puzzles is just a perfect fit for my work.

Original Ink Drawings are mostly black and white ink sketches of some of Kyle's favorite characters. Think of it as paging through my sketchbooks. There are only one of each so you should scoop up your favorite when it is gone it is gone

T-shirts and Apparel  Not only has Kyle designed shirts for Fortune 500 companies, charities and small businesses over the years, but he has a massive t-shirt collection. Kyle designs things he wants to see in the world and people can add to their world by wearing his art are the best people.

Stickers because they are stickers, everyone loves stickers. These are printed on waterproof vinyl. Great quality for your computers, water bottles, coolers and forehead.

Commissions are available for those that like my style and what something original. Kyle does hand drawn black and white or full color digital illustrations if you have a crazy idea he can make it real.

Kyle La Fever recently had some designs licensed through Icanvas. They have limited edition canvases and prints and would appreciate if you visit and patronize them.

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